"We exist to magnify the name of the Lord and to inspire others to do the same, Upper Room Worship envisions every soul and visitor as a worshipper starting with me, taking our worship beyond our walls."

Upper Room Worship Ministry is one of the most exciting ministries ever: An eternal ministry! Why? Because when we get to heaven we won’t be in need for healing, salvation, or anything like it; we will be praising and worshiping God forever and ever!

Worship Music is a vital part of our church and we strive to do it with excellence, giving our best to the Lord. Contrary to people’s opinions, this ministry is for those whom have received a special desire, skill and/or talent for the musical arts (1 Chr. 15:22). If this is you, we invite you to prepare your heart, and make a commitment to join our Worship Team in the next opportunity; we are constantly looking for committed volunteer musicians, vocalists, and technicians whose desire is to worship God and inspire others to do the same.

For more information about how you can be a part of Upper Room Worship Ministry please contact our Worship Pastor at 209-461-5510.